Top Drupal Distributions

Drupal is a powerful open source CMS with millions of websites and applications built and has q range of distributions that streamline setting up complex sites with just a couple steps . Each distribution offers site features and functions for specific types of sites that groups Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. Here are some great examples of Drupal distributors:

Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart is a software distribution that get you flexible and powerful components to get up and running with Drupal Commerce. It provides a huge extensibility that meet the needs of any size of the websites and gives you a range of options to create a attractive online store. From our experience this distribution can shave up to a month work of effort in an e-commerce website, making Drupal a key player on the always busy e-commerce market.

Open Publish

Open Publish is Drupal distribution packed with features designed for the online news industry. The powerful CMS meets the needs of any publisher, including magazine, newspaper, journal, broadcast, wire service or multimedia sites. The flexibility and customization of this distributor give a huge advantage to publishers, focus on their most import key, their content. Activity (read new developments) seem to have slowed down almost to an halt, but this distribution is still a huge accelerator for anyone considering building a news/magazine site.

Open Atrium

Open Atrium is a distribution that allows organizations to connect their own conversations and collaborations. The organization can better inform, communicate and educate their team by using its powerful components such as intranet, social collaboration platform, web portal, or learning management systems.

Drupal Commons

Drupal Commons is platform for the organizations to build a complete social business software for internal or external communities. This distributor is a ready-to-use solution for any online communities looking to share information and foster collaboration.

Open Church

Open Church is a platform targeted for churches or ministries. It provides you a large range of features, like ministry pages, photo galleries, link to event registration, articles, and more. It leverages Drupal’s legendary Content Management System tools, making it really easy to update content.


Spark main goal is to incubate authoring experience improvements in the filed and incorporate to the latest development versions of Drupal. It focuses in implementing improvements on Drupal 7 and then incorporate and enhancing them in Drupal 8. Spark distribution principal focus is improving Drupal’s content authoring and editing experience, like ability to edit content, menus, and more.

Open Deals

Open Deals is a Drupal distribution based on Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce, that easily and quickly give you a full featured deals website like

Open Enterprise

The goal of the Open Enterprise is to simplify deployment of typical Drupal websites, in order to make is simple enough for non-technical people while keeping all of the extensibility of Drupal’s platform. It takes advantages of the novel Apps model, allowing you with a simple click instantly install a dozen of the most popular features on most websites, such as blog, events calendar, FAQ, forum, location listing, images gallery, video library and more.

Open Outreach

Open Outreach is an easy, affordable and quick way for nonprofits and community organizations to build off the free Drupal software. This distribution includes the modules and features frequently used by organizations, such as social media and comment integration, events calendars, mapping tools, image and video handling, and contact management. If you are a nonprofit or a community organization that want to save thousands of dollars, time and work Open Outreach is likely the ideal platform for you.