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Drupal gains market share

Content management systems market share numbers regarding 2012 are out and there's a couple interesting facts worth notice. One, which is great news for all Drupal fans, is that Drupal was the fastest growing CMS in 2012, increasing its market share by over 20%.

WordPress, still by far the most used CMS in the world, managed to gain roughly 10%. Bad news for Joomla fans, 2012 saw the platform stagnating in the market, roughly keeping the exact same market share it had previously.  

An insteresting piece of news though is not related to any CMS in particular, but to the number of sites not using any CMS, which was reduced by 5%, which basically means that as the Internet is maturing, more and more users and IT admins are realizing that they need a proper tool, like a CMS, to manage it in the most efficient way. This is great news for CMS overall, specially if you consider that approximately 70% of the websites currently available still aren't using any CMS and the trend is for that to decrease over time.



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This is indeed the best news to be heard this week as Drupal has gone to expand its share in the share market. A happy news for all the Drupal fans as it become the fastest growing CMS in 2012,

and more over it could increase its market size by 20%